Increase Android Battery Life

Increase Android Battery life - These 8 Tips Should be Helpful

Increase Android Battery Life PerformanceThese days when we make a plan to buy a new phone, the first thing that comes in mind is Battery performance.

Because of the mobile companies are making with mega-powerful Battery performance. but sometimes it does not work according to the user's expectations. When the smartphone is in a new condition, it works quite well. but after 6/12 months it does not give back up as much as it was in the new condition

Increase Android Battery Life
Increase Android Battery Life

But there are remedies because there are a few tricks to quickly help you conserve electricity and to have a little less hang so the little electronic companion to the grid.   in this article, you will find the best tips and ideas which can be very useful for a smartphone and you can easily do it by yourself. These 8 tips definitely will help to Increase Android Battery Life.and these tricks together to help save energy. This, of course, we did not want to hide from you.

1. Display Settings:

Often, the display brightness is set higher than ever necessary. Just when you find yourself in a room,
the backlight is often less necessary to be elected. In this case, less is more. In addition, the automatic
brightness can be switched off completely.

Another good tip here is to set the screen timeout as low as possible, except one looks really often on the phone. Otherwise, the screen may go quiet after a few seconds of non-utility again to retire. Lastly is static, dark wallpapers are also a good way to save a little power. One reason why many Android menus have only a black background.

2. Wireless Services

Android smartphones are equipped with many wireless features that one usually does not use the same time and consume so unnecessary energy. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and more are all very useful, but they are constantly used in the rarest of cases. Therefore: turn off what you do not use. you can turn on if required.
3. Network mode and data retrieval

Not everyone really uses the internet often with his cell phone. If you classify yourself more than one
user, the phone for the most part or SMS writes and occasionally even retrieves an e-mail, already
enough WCDMA or GSM, 4G network, which eats up much more power here is not necessarily useful. If you but only use 4G, access to an existing Wireless Internet access is also always the most energy-efficient method.

All these settings can be found under the "Wireless & networks". More power also creates the parking of auto-sync. Many apps of social networks synchronize automatically. This can be switched off in the tab "Accounts and Synchronization".

There simply choose power-hungry applications and adjust as needed. And do not worry, the requirement, of course manually synchronize these programs. Who does not just every 15 minutes expected an important mail, may further reduce the frequency of mail queries to the integrated mail software.

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Set to 15 minutes from home, it is also sufficient if the program searches every hour for news. Even better, even if one makes this easy by hand. Is it still more or less depending on constant notifications that push setting (which, however, is not present for all Android e-mail client) recommended as this uses less energy.

4. Unwanted Apps uninstall

Some apps just do not know when it is enough and seem to want to always run in the background. This can best be fully uninstalled. Just do this? Manage applications go in "Settings"? Applications, and there remove the culprit.

5. Moderate widget handling

Widgets are one of the most interesting and beautiful things for Android smartphones. But they also eat a lot of electricity. Especially those that connect to the Internet. If a widget is not used so much, it is recommended that you remove it from the home screen. One has access via the main app menu yes

6. The Cell Phone enjoy a cooling

Whose Android smartphone always kept in warm places, so will degrade your battery capacity.
Therefore, moving away from sunny places (it is brown anyway), away from radiators and technical
devices such as computers & Co., which heat up, get out of the pocket, as it is in fact quite warm. Who invites his phone mainly via the USB cable to the computer, itself should also consider getting a dock or some other form of storage for the device, as it can cool down more quickly than if it always lies on his back.

7. Task killer kill

Some somewhat antiquated title, one should use Task Killer to conserve battery life so. Because of the
Task Killer although it turns off unwanted apps, usually creates these to restore power, which is why the task killer must switch it off again, and then the app will turn on again, etc. This eats battery and is unnecessary. Better, then, the unwanted app just completely removing it.

8. Automatic power-management

Those who like to play around a bit, find various apps that can be made ?? energy-saving
settings. Such include, for example, the app is easy to use Juice Defender, or Tasker, where to find
the most possible settings.

Battery life is one of the big things we look out for when considering devices prospect to buy. However, we must never fall into the trap of a delusional Android unlimited supply of battery power. Even the batteries have their limits, you know. Given these limits, and adjust our usage habits accordingly, we just might be able to squeeze more power from our batteries.

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