Top 10 Secret Settings in Android Phone

Top 10 Secret Settings in Android Phone

Would you like to know the Top 10 Secret Settings in Android Phone, if you would then, you came to the right place. This will increase the use of secret code and setting experience of your Mobile phone. if you are smartphone users, you definitely want to learn something new on it.

These secret settings help android users who do not have knowledge about technology. It is important for you to learn these tricks and it will help you to use and operate your mobile correctly.
Top 10 Secret Settings in Android Phone
Top 10 Secret Settings in Android Phone

Being a Smartphone user then surely you are looking at the best option and secret setting for your Android phone. There are some advanced settings you do not know and therefore you are searching here and there. So today we are going to give you the best secret settings for Android phones.

In this article, we will discover the secret settings that you are looking for. Nowadays everyone wants to use their Cell phones smartly and the solution is that very few users know about them.  

But most of them do not know about how they can use it and if there is a problem with setting in the Android phone, then if you have to go somewhere to fix on it. These ideas of tricks definitely mean to use your phone in a very easy way.

First of all, let's put the highlights on the subject that we are going to tell you and you might be understood. Here are we go!

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1 Android Apps setting

2 power button secret setting

3 call button /dialed pad

4 Activate one-handed mode

5 Developer options to enable developer options in any Android phone

6 Customize Your Mobile phone

7 Change your own language

8 keypad Advance

9 APN settings

10 battery saver

Top 10 Secret Settings in Android Phone
Activate one-handed mode- the way today Smartphone company continue to grow in size, it becomes harder and harder to operate one-handed.  You can now use your Mobile phone with one-handed "Google custom Keyboard" which allow you to operate on certain Android phone has a solution.
A special “one hand mode” that you can switch to with the symbol shortcut. As normally we have a problem when we are on a bus train or some crowded Area at that time we can't use both hands to the operator on the mobile phone. 
On Google custom keyboard where you can adjust your phone and you can use your Smartphone one-handed. There is some more option you can adjust and select if you are on bus or train.
Why is it important secret settings in android phone-

The world is changing and you want to be a part of the new world, therefore, you have to be smart in the tech field.  As we are already in smart technology, where without the Smartphone cannot do anything. The importance of a Smartphone, when you are in your hand, surely you do a lot of work through that mobile phone and there are lots of advanced things you can do on your mobile phone.

You can send money through your mobile phone. To recharge your prepaid or postpaid the number you can also pay the bill. There are a lot of things you can do nowadays and that is why Android phones are preliminary.

1 Android Apps Settings- It's very easy to use Android apps when you have a Moblie Phone. You should have some Android apps that are very useful for your daily life and you never want to miss them. But for some time what has been the notification and getting automatic updates you do not want to do this in your Smartphone. So you can adjust if you want. 

According to the Android app settings, where you can adjust what Android apps you want to achieve and which do not want to be.

After clicking on the settings, go to 'Settings' you will see the application settings that you can now click on the "Notification Settings" in the area that you can choose for push-off. If you do not want to receive any notification from those apps. Simply select "Off" or on.

2. power button secret setting- you might not aware of the power button secret setting. there are some hidden and very useful settings that most of the Android users don't know the facts.

Power button from where you can push it for 10 seconds, you will have a three-option power off, reboot/restart and screenshot, and just below you will also see the airplane, flashlight, mute, and meeting on that power button.

When you can use this option in case your phone is not working or getting freezes automatic at that time, you can simply press the power button for 5 to 10-second reboot or power off.

3 calling button /dialed pad - calling button or dial pad Android users dial the number to call anyone.  But there are some advanced settings that are hidden in it.  You can add some personal or family number in secret one.

You can also adjust some of the important numbers on the top just mark "start button" and it will automatic on the top of the contact list. there are more hidden settings you can do through the calling button. some of the numbers which you want to call just one click, go to "dial pad'' open it on the right-hand side there will be " 3 dots" click on that and click on call setting. You will see lots of options there.  The very bottom of the screen it will show you 1SIM card, 2SIM cards.  

If you have two SIM cards on your phone then select whichever one you want to make it a secret setting. After selecting SIM1 or SIM2, you will see the option "fixed dialing numbers” you need to enable it with the pin number.  You can create a pin number "after done" Now select the number which you want to call just one touch.

5 Developer options to enable developer options in any Android phone- Developer Options - How to enable this option in any mobile phone and what is the advantage of after enabling this option on your cell phone? 

The first thing always comes to in your mind that what is the developer option and how does it work?

Please let us know that this option is usually an incognito setting and there are so many great features that you can use. Those features are very valuable and useful for your Smartphone

If you are a Mobile phone user then surely you should enable this option. And you can use some settings on it. First of all, go to "setting options" and then some Android phone has the option of "About Phone" option. You will see "build number" About Phone, you need to press continuously (7 seven times) on the build number. Then go back to your "settings" where you will see "developer options" once enabled. Now you will see a lot of options on this. 

Note- If you do not know then be careful, do not use all the options that you can see on it.

6 Customize Your Android Phone- When you have a single screen or wallpaper for this long time on this Mobile phone. You have a new idea and you always want to see your phone in a new style. So with the help of that app, there are some customizing apps that you can customize your phone?

And it feels great when you've done it. Windows optimized apps exchange your phone into a computer when you install it on the Google Play Store and once you start using your cell phone, you feel that you are operating a computer.

7 Change your own language- A different language is always difficult to understand and speak for you. Due to being an Android phone user, you should have some time to understand. In that case, you cannot be comfortable to use your mobile phone independently. But now you can use your mobile phone in your own language. 

It does not matter which language you know, you can set it in your own language and everything will change in your language. Go to “setting" Select “language” and below you will see a list of languages ​​where you can choose whatever you want to set up on your Android phone.

8 Keypad Advance -Google keypad (GBoard) and swift keypad both are the very valuable and android user uses them. But there is some very good feature on it and you always want to know about it. If you have a Google keypad then there are lots of features that were recently added on it.  

For example, you don't need to type any word; you can use voice mice to send messages to your friends and family.  You can translate any language into your own language. Images, it has something that you can do that the same option.  You can find on Swift Key too. If you have. So both are very useful and Android users they keep on using it.

9 APN settings- (Access Points Name APN) - it’s all on the SIM card that you have. If you are not getting any appropriate signs while using the Internet or if there is a problem, check "Settings" on that condition, but remember that it depends on you which area you are located in. 

When you are in Smart City you will get high-speed internet. But connectivity is poor where you are located High-speed Internet is never found. You can try this option once and for sure, this will increase the speed of the internet. 

Select "Settings" Go to SIM Card Management Now select SIM1 / SIM2 in which you want to set them. You have to click on the option "Access point name", then you will see your SIM card operator name, click on it and you can now adjust some options that you can use for yourself.

10 battery savers- The way we are using our Smartphone today and playing an online game or offline game, there is a big problem that always comes with the battery. We often find the battery problem with every cell phone. As we expect, we never get the same backup. But in some cases, 

we maybe wondering how we can save battery power. So we can use the Smartphone for a long time.
There are so many options if you want you can adjust and extend the life of your Mobile phone battery. First, go to "Select" battery "Set" on "Power Saving Mode", which can always increase your battery power. Secondly, you can adjust to the app, because there are so many apps that use battery power. 

So you can turn it off. When you are not using them and "Internet data" just shut down. Because if you open it forever, it will reduce the power of your battery. So there are quite a few options you can manage and this will help you save the life of your mobile phone battery.

these are the Top 10 Secret Settings in Android Phone which will definitely helpful for you. if you use this setting after once you find definitely something change in your Android phone. you can also write own your comment on that comment session and I will put your comment on the top of the list.

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