How To Find Lost Smartphone

How To Find Lost Smartphone

Even if you take good care of your Android device, it can happen that you lose it or it gets stolen. But keep Hope to find your Android device. Do not let yourself be disappointed. How To Find Lost Smartphone? everything is possible. If you are smart with your Android device you can get your lost mobile or tablet back.

You have lost your Android smartphone or Android tablet and no theft protection app or remote- tracking app installed on it?
How To Find Lost Smartphone
How To Find Lost Smartphone

you might have not installed some apps on it, But still, your Android track - with our tips, In this article, we will show you how you can recover your device with the help of two Android apps. These apps can be installed on an already lost phone remotely and activated via the Android Market aka Google Play Store.

What happens when you lose your mobile phone?

Every smartphone has a lot of information, which is saved by users. One user no longer wants to lose his or her phone. But in any case, if we lose or steal our smartphone, in that situation we lose all our information, especially contact details, messages, photos, videos and much more.

We have lost our personal files and documents too. But today a new topic will help you to find your lost Android phone. If you have lost somewhere, then both apps will definitely recover your Android phone and it will also give you the right information about where your lost mobile is active.

Of course, your phone must be switched on and either has a cellular or a Wi-Fi connection so that the rescue work. here are the tricks find the stolen Android mobile Remote Control App AndroidLost is a remote control app for Android smartphones that allows you to start on a lost device or an alarm can locate your androids on Google Maps.

here are the two apps which can be used by every Android user.

1. Android Lost  (Click here to get downloaded)

2. Lookout (Click here to get downloaded)

The commands are entered via a text message (SMS) or via the AndroidLost website. First, you need a computer or other smartphone or a tablet that has Internet access and e-mails can be received for AndroidLost.

If possible, you should ask a friend with a cell phone for help, so that it sends the SMS commands immediately to your lost or stolen device. Android Lost is still in the beta phase, but already contains a remarkable range of functions.

For example, you can delete your data stored on the smartphone text messages and call lists, send text messages from your stolen device, shoot photos with the smartphone's camera and receive by e-mail. In addition, you can leave messages to appear on the display and so inform the Finder.

You can remotely the status of the battery, the IMEI, phone number, and query much more. The program can automatically send an e-mail if the SIM card has been changed With Android Lost You can lock your device remotely using a PIN, delete the contents of the device, and then reset the device to its factory state.

However, this function is available only when you have assigned when installing the app
AndroidLost administrator rights on your Android smartphone - so this must be done before the loss of the smartphone. To install AndroidLost after the loss First, open your Internet browser and navigate to the AndroidLost page in the Android market.

Click on "Install" and log in with the same Google account that you use on your missing Android device. Matter of seconds, the AndroidLost app Note should automatically install on your device. Sure that the AndroidLost app your device first at the Google server must authenticate before you can use any commands.

But authentication is done automatically. To check that the app has already registered your device, visit the AndroidLost website and log in with the same Google Account that you use on your smartphone. From here, click on the "Control" or "Settings" link.

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When these pages have remote control options for your missing device, you can start If not, you should check that the position of the page has changed every five minutes. For this, you need to log off again and again. If time is an important factor, then you can make a compulsory registration.

This requires you to send an SMS message with an "android lost register" to your lost device from another phone. Tips for recovery of lost Tablets: AndroidLost JumpStart. If you attempt to remotely access an Android tablet, to which you can not send SMS, then you can alternatively, use the AndroidLost JumpStart app install to accelerate the device registration. An alternative security solution for Android tablets is Norton Tablet Security.

In our tests, the app has installed quickly on two different devices, but the verification process with Google took a surprisingly long time. But when we sent the "Android Lost Register" SMS message, the registration was done within seconds. Your device has successfully registered with Google after the application.

you can go to the "Controls" page of your missing device on Where you can locate or lock your device remotely. The alternative: Plan B from Lookout. The lookout offers a very comprehensive security app for Android devices. the figure includes anti-virus protection, a backup solution, anti-theft, and remote access features.

However, to enjoy all the features of Lookout, you need the program before losing your device, for the full range of functions - installs, and - licenses. Lookout is available on Google Play Store. But this is also a solution that you can later use to find a lost Android smartphone: Lookout Plan B.

The app does not offer any remote siren or handicap functions as AndroidLost, but Plan B shows the approximate location of your device on Google Maps. Navigate to the Plan B side of the Android Market and click install. Then log in with the same Google Account that you use on your missing device. Within seconds, the Plan B app should be installed and sent remotely on your smartphone.

If GPS location is turned off on your Android device, then Plan B will automatically try to enable it again. If that does not work, the app uses the mobile phone network to determine the approximate location of your device. Within a few minutes after you install Plan B, the app will start automatically and so when you are registered to send your device, you will start e-mail in your Gmail account.

During our testing, the plan took about two minutes of e-mail and started sending us to the location of our device. Plan B will send you an email with the location of your device unless you disable this feature. Messages with current device status, including GPS coordinates, are sent to the Plan B app every two minutes. The situation is accurate for the cases.

hopefully, you will find your smartphone if you lost somewhere and these tips and Ideas definitely help you How To Find Lost Smartphone. I will be appreciated if you put your comment just below in a comment session and I will put it on the top of the page.

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