7 Common Link Building Mistakes

7 Common Link Building Mistakes

In this event of the era of competition, the owner of a blogger or website wants to put his/her website on the first page of Google. But due to the SEO update daily, many of us failed to maintain our website. we always make these 7 Common Link Building Mistakes.

7 Common Link Building Mistakes
7 Common Link Building Mistakes

We give our best on every single post of blog or website. Ultimately, we use author tools to make our posts SEO friendly. But similarly, many of us can not do 100%. And then our website could not access Google's first page.

what happened? When our article is not on the first page of the Google search engine (SEO)

It is very unfortunate that the first rank on the Google search page was not found. There are lots of disadvantages to us and our website.

1. Traffic Problem - If your website is not on the first page of the Google search engine, you never get 100% organic traffic on the website. It can be pushed back to our blogs and articles on the back foot.

2. Due to the substantial traffic on our website, we are unable to get the quality of backlinks and other things, which are always essential for our blog articles.

3. If 100% of our inclusion is not SEO friendly, then Google never gives Google Adsense approval easily. And so most bloggers have to quite blogs. Many blog writers and website owners follow some common tricks to attract visitors to their websites. As you know, these tricks are called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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7 Common Link Building Mistakes

Since last March, you must have noticed a sudden change in your website traffic. It has reduced a lot, maybe even a percentage of 10 to 30 a month. Very disappointing and frustrating for website owners. indeed, Google has brought changes in the way their search works.

Because of this change, you now have to bring changes to the strategies you follow for link building. We are going to discuss where you are going to make the mistakes.

Anchor Links – Don’t Keep Too Many of Them

It’s normal for an SEO expert to have an obsession with perfectly matching keywords in the anchor text. but you need to control that obsession now.

If you use too much keyword in the anchor text now, you might be penalized. And because of that penalty, Google will bring your ranking down to the ground.

The new updated version of Google targets exact anchor text links, even 50 percent will not pass. Better, make it 5%.

Link Exchanges

This trick used to work some years back. If you were an SEO expert in 2007 or 2008 then it would have worked very well for you. but not anymore after March 2018. This method is actually a way of getting attention to the search engine through cheap ways.

And if you provide useless links then you are actually letting your search engine know that you are using illegitimate stuff.


Move on with old habits. Make quality content, better if they are unique and they should never be accused of plagiarism. A copied content can make your website reputation go down. Be careful with your content writer. or if you write on your own then be careful about the contents.

Don’t Make Everything Automated

Don’t lose your own voice. Social media is a powerful tool to make your content popular and available to people, use it precisely. Make the people know that you have written something new and they should be reading that. Automated tools are indeed necessary but over usage will create a bad ranking of you.

Social Signals

Have you noticed that many websites these days contain a little panel or row of buttons at the top or bottom of your webpage? These buttons make it easier to share your content on social networks. They are tiny things, but very important indeed. You can’t expect to be a good SEO expert unless you add them to your site.

Only ‘Google’, NO!

Yours traffics not only comes from Google, but there are also other search engines and a number of other websites too. But if you do optimization for Google only, then there’s no reason to not lose your traffic.


How your website looks – might not even be a part of SEO. But style speaks a lot – if your website doesn’t look good, many people will not come back to it for a second time.

Finally, SEO helps you to get your website on the top position when done in the right way.

hopefully, you might like these ideas before going to work with your website. I would be appreciated if your comments will be in the comment session.

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