10 Useful Android Tips and Tricks

10 Useful Android Tips and Tricks 

10 useful Android tips and tricks that can improve your experience while using your Android device. Whether you are a new Android user or want to learn everything you see on the screen. You have thought about customizing your mobile phone.

10 Useful Android Tips and Tricks
10 Useful Android Tips and Tricks 

With the plague features on the Android device. it can not be installed in good order. These tips and tricks help you regenerate options on the system.

here, I am going to assist you. In this post, I am featuring 10 useful Android tips and tricks that may improve your experience while using your Android phone.

Do not do that, due to the variations of the construction and the IOS version, the steps can differentiate the touch of an Android phone in a different way. But if you play with it, then the successful step is not too far.

1. Disable App Notifications

Sometimes you might get annoyed by some unwanted app notifications that keep on coming? If you don’t these unwanted messages or notifications, which can additionally drain your phone’s battery. you can wish to turn them off, and here’s how?

On any of your unwanted notifications in your notification bar, long persist the notification for a message box to look.

you need to go to setting >Tap on App information > Untick Show Notifications > press> OK.

2. Disable Mobile Data

Whenever you don’t have to be compelled to keep connected, disabling the Mobile Data can help keep your smartphone battery from draining too quickly. Turning off mobile data is as easy as:
Going to Settings > Data Usage.

Disable Mobile information by toggling the setting from ON to OFF

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3. Set Mobile Data Limit

However, you want to keep an eye on how much your monthly mobile information limit is? If you have received an application on your device at the top, then there is a feature that allows you to track how much you have left.

Head on settings> Data usage

To replicate your monthly quota, set your notification limit by dragging an orange line.

After the "month" starts and ends, set your access to the information cycle, and you are doing.

You will be warned

Note that the use of caterpillar-tracked information on your phone can be slightly different from its carrier's search.

4. Add Multiple Google Accounts

You need a Google Account to use Associate in a smartphone phone, however, do you know that you would be better off to run a Google account on your Android device. If you use multiple accounts for any of your Google services, then it's convenient. To add multiple Google Accounts:

Go to Settings> Add Account.

Select Google and set up your new or existing Google account.

Once you want to synchronize with the account, then added.

If you want the convenience of many accounts, repeat all the steps.

5. Disable Automatic App Updates

Apps like to scan through permissions and decide to adopt that app update manually? However, you want to disable your initial app updates. Here are the steps:

Open the Play Store and go to Settings.

Tap on the auto-update app.

Do not choose Auto-update apps.

If you want to follow the continuous path and at any time, or opt for auto-update apps via Wi-Fi (only definitely Android device available)

To manually update your app, just open the Play Store, and swipe to the leftmost on the page and tap on My App and Games. You can tap on apps with pending updates and update them manually, or if you want to update them all at once, just tap Update All.

6. How To Check For Android System Updates

For new updates on Android phones, most of us do not check it regularly. You have to be present for new updates in your system. To check for updates:

Settings> About Phone / Tablet

Tap on system updates.

Tap the check now to see the system updates.

7. Changing Default Apps

If you've already set up some default apps for clear actions (like using Chrome for the difference net link) however you want to separate:

Go to Settings> Apps.

Swipe right and see the All tab.

Select the app you want to get rid of by default.

Tap on clear defaults.

8. Organize Homescreen Shortcuts With Folders

Once you've added a lot of apps to your home screen app, you can fill them with shortcuts. Unlike the app drawer, the apps on your home screen are not organized alphabetically. So, you may need to create some folders for your home screen shortcuts.

Assuming that there are already a few shortcuts on your home screen, long press on a shortcut and drag it to another shortcut. Now a circle should appear around the app, indicating that a folder has been created. By sound on the newly created folder, a mini window will pop up in your app.

If you want, you can drag and drop forward apps in the folder. You can change the name of the folder in the short space of the mini window by the sound at the next place.

9. Disable Animations

Here's a way to give your automation device a tip to run a touch smoother: Disable its animation. You have to be compelled to access developer options that can be found under the settings of the device.

Note: For some phones, you have to be forced to take on the build range and tap, unless you repeatedly see that "you are currently a developer!". Developer options are now enabled.

Under the competent developer options, see
Window Animation Scale,
Transition Animation Scale,
Animator Duration Scale. Then, disable them (one) at a time.

10. How To Turn Off Auto-Correction

Hate the real fact that your phone goes to you on the English professor mode? After texting, stop auto-correction for peace of mind.

1. Go to Settings> Language & input.

2. Tap the settings icon next to the keyboard that you simply create victims, eg Google Keyboard

3. View Auto Correction and tap on it.

4. Select Close to turn off auto-correction.

I have put my best experiment to use your android phone in an easy way. these 10 Useful Android Tips and Tricks will help you to be smarter. you can write comments in just below the comments session and I will put it on the top of the pages.

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