Best Free Android Apps - All Apps Download Here

Best Free Android Apps - All Apps Download Here

Our life is changed due to these Best Free Android Apps, Get ready for today and these will make your future bright. here's a list of for Best Free Android Apps,
Looking for the Best Free Android Apps? You’ve come to the right place! :)
For many years apps for our phones and other digital devices have been made at an amazingly fast rate. Apple and it’s Apple iTunes store seemed to always be in front, with a huge range of different apps for entertainment, business and just to make our life easier.

Best Free Android Apps
Best Free Android Apps

Now, it seems, a change is in the air. Recent research has shown that Google’s Android Market has actually outperformed Apple! There are now 25% more monthly Google Android App downloads than from the Apple App Store. Some of the Android Apps that have made it onto our list of the Best Free Android Apps have been around for quite some time, others are new.

Best Free Android Apps - All Apps Download Here

The way Android Apps has made a new twist in our lives, and nowadays, without any Android Apps, all smartphones seem like nothing to do. Everyone wants to do everything in one click and all this can only be done with Android Apps. If you are a smartphone user, then you can not do anything without Android Apps, whether it is social sites or business. 

We have brought a shortlist today and in this Android list, you can download any Android Apps to any of them. All these Android apps can be very good, you can easily download all these Android apps from the Google Play Store. All the links are given below.
Either way check out the Best Free Android Apps, download and enjoy! :)

Best Free Android Apps – Why Are They Free?

Some people think that because some Android Apps are free, they probably aren’t very good. The surprising thing is, though, that many of the very best Apps for Android actually are free! The developers who tirelessly slave away to create these awesome apps for us love making apps, and it is a great way for upcoming developers to ‘get their name out there,

Some of the apps may have a small amount of advertising to offset some of the development costs, but overall the Best Free Android Apps are just that – free!

How Can I Find The Best Free Android Apps?

Good question! With literally tens of thousands of Apps for Android out there, how are you going to be in the know when it comes to the Best Free Android Apps? It would take you years to download and test them all, and with new Android Apps coming out every single day, how can you keep up? It’s easy. Just check out the list below. These are the Best Free Android Apps out there and will definitely add so much to your smartphone, Google Galaxy Nexus or tablet pc.
To make life easy for you we have organized the Best free Android Apps into categories. Enjoy! :)

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Best Free Android Apps – Education

Best Free Android Apps - educationTED Conferences
Amazing speeches from some pretty incredible people. This app is something that will thrill you and amaze you. With this Android App, you can view video talks from some of the most fascinating people in the world – music legends, sportspeople, celebrities, business leaders and some of the most brilliant minds on the planet.
There are over 1200 TEDTalk videos and the list is growing each week as new TEDTalks are added. Sony supports this app so it is free.

If you don’t know the meaning of a certain word or how to spell it, this is the answer. The app is free although it does show some ads. Incredibly, the actual dictionary and all the definitions are stored on your phone so getting the result is really quick. You will never be stuck for words ever again!


This is a pretty cool app. You can input any symptoms you are having and it can give you some possible hints on what might be going on. It also has tips on First Aid so if you have an emergency, you will have some idea of what to do. Of course, even though this is one of the best free Android apps, this was never intended to replace proper medical advice so see your doctor if symptoms persist!


Wikidroid is not only a cool name but also a very useful app for Android. This app gets articles from Wikipedia and then organizes them into a very easily readable format for your phone or tablet. This makes it really easy to read the Wikipedia articles and search through them on your Android phone.

Best Free Android Apps – Games

Best Free Android Apps - GamesAngry Birds Space
If you haven’t heard of the Angry Birds games, you probably have been living under a rock! The most successful downloaded mobile game on the planet has now blasted into space! The first Angry Birds games were, to put it bluntly, kind of addictive. So much fun was had launching those birds at the bad pigs :) Now, with Angry Birds Space the game has gone to a whole new level. If you haven’t already got this, grab it now!
Angry Birds in Space – what a great idea! This is definitely one of the Best Free Android Apps out there.

Skater Boy

Ok, I know the name is a bit lame, but this cool game is actually allotted of fun, especially for younger gamers.
It doesn’t take long to learn how to do all sorts of tricks with this game and get a pretty good score. Check it out.
Oh yeah, and try not to hurt the poor little skater boy when you travel on the road.

Ninja Chicken

Here we have a game with a chicken that forgets who he is, and for some reason believes he is ‘Ninja Chicken’ – the most feared ninja chicken in the world. Unfortunately, he has no idea how to fight so you will have to use all your ninja skills to fight the ever-increasing number of enemies. For me not as good as Angry Birds but still up there as one of the Best Free Android Apps you can get.

Guns n Glory WW2

This is an action/strategy game that is a sequel to Guns ‘n’ Glory Wild West. You play the role of a general in world war 2, and you can be on the good side or the bad guys :) You will need some good strategy skills to fight various battles and come out of it as the winner. You control tanks, planes, and infantry to win battles and eventually win the war.

Words with Friends

Based on the ever-popular board game Scrabble, this is truly an excellent game. You can play against your friends via your phone or tablet wherever they are in the world, and once you get started on the Words With Friends journey, it's kinda hard to stop! This is one of the Best Free Android Apps around and you can still play your friends if they are using an iPhone or other smartphones.

Best Free Android AppsMusic, Media & Video

Best Free Android Apps - MusicIMDb Movies
This is great if you want to see reviews of any movies or TV shows or watch trailers for any film you like. You can also view the top 100 films in any genre such as the top 100 comedies, if you feel like you need a laugh :) Pretty cool app and free so we have included it as one of the Best Free Android Apps.


The first time you use Shazam, you will be amazed. I remember thinking, “How on earth does this thing work?”.
If you are listening to a song on the radio, and want to know the title of the song and the artist, simply allow Shazam to ‘listen’ to the song. In a few seconds, it brings back what you were looking for. No wonder it’s one of the best free Android apps!

Slacker Radio

This is a cool music streaming service that has really good audio quality and you can customize it to suit your needs. People who start off using Slacker Radio stick with it because it is just so good, and is one of the Best Free Android Apps.

Best Free Android Apps Productivity

Best Free Android Apps - ProductivityDropbox
Most of us work or play on many different phones, tablets, and computers, which results in various files being all over the place. How can we get all our files in one place and then access them from any of our computers or other devices?
Easy. Dropbox! Simply drag any files into your Dropbox, via your Android Dropbox App, and you can now have your files available wherever you go! Too easy!


Astrid is one of the best list maker and task managers out there for Android phones and so makes it onto our list of the Best Free Android Apps. It can sync with Google tasks and includes all you need in this sort of apps such as alarms and calendar integration.


The catch is a cloud-based service that allows you to save all kinds of data, from notes you actually type to audio memos to yourself and even photos. Catch integrates very well with your Android Phone, and many users use it every day to organize their life.

Best Free Android Apps – Social

Best Free Android Apps - social facebook
Where would we be without Facebook? Young people today who have grown up using FB probably wonder how the world functioned before it came along! The Facebook for Android App integrates perfectly with your Android phone, and even has a few extra features that you won't find on the Facebook App for iPhone! This definitely is one of the Best Free Android Apps.


ooVoo is an excellent video chat app that works really well on Android phones. With ooVoo you can use group video, instant messaging and voice calls to contact virtually anyone, as it supports the IOS5 for iPhone as well as Android and windows. A very cool free Android app.


This Social Network app allows you to easily check into locations so you can let all your friends know where you are and what you are up to. Foursquare also has discounts for its users available from many different businesses which is another bonus. You can also share photos, videos, and all the usual social sharing aspects.


Skype has been around for a long time and is used by millions of people all over the world. Some people would say the Skype app isn’t the best social sharing tool available but I use it simply because so many other people use it. Skype for Android works well although it does seem to drain the battery in my phone very quickly :(

Best Free Android Apps – Travel

Best Free Android Apps - TravelGoogle Goggles
Google Goggles is pretty damn cool, to say the least. If you are out traveling and see a landmark and want to know more information about it, simply take a photo and let Google Goggles tell you all about the history of the Leaning Tower Of Pisa, The Eiffel Tower or the Sydney Opera House. Right up there on the list of the Best Free Android Apps!

Google Translate

Google Translate can translate your text into more than 52 languages. You can even use the phone’s microphone to listen to someone speaking and have it translated into your language! When you translate text Google Translate even speaks the translated version back to you. This is one of the best free Android Apps you will ever use!

Gate Guru

GateGuru is awesome when you are traveling. Have you ever been to an airport to transfer to another flight and thought, where do I go from here? Not Anymore! With GateGuru you have maps of airport terminals so you know what you are doing before you get there! It also integrates with Twiter and Facebook so you can share where you are and what you’re up to. This is one of the Best Free Android Apps for sure.

Best Free Android Apps – Useful Tools

Best Free Android Apps - Useful ToolsGoogle Maps
Google Maps is so awesome and for anyone who has used it for any length of time, you would wonder how we ever got by without it! With its inbuilt GPS, you will always know where you are and how to get to where you are going! Great layout of maps and easy to navigate, Google Maps is surely one of the Best Free Android Apps.

Where’s My Droid

A great name for a great app. Nowadays our smartphones become such a huge part of our life that if we lost it we would feel like we had lost an arm! You will know what I mean if you have ever thought, “Where did I leave my phone?” Luckily with Where’s My Droid, one of the best free Android apps ever created, you can easily find your phone wherever it is. By sending a specific text message to your phone, it will ring on maximum volume and vibrate. And if it’s been stolen you can log into a computer and track it with the built-in GPS feature. Awesome!

Tiny Flashlight

Tiny Flashlight – BIG App! If you don’t already have this cool Android app, you will be amazed at how often you use it when you do. You have a bright flashlight or torch with you wherever you go, and with all the different features in this app, it is one of the handiest and best free Android apps ever invented!

So, that is our list of the Best Free Android Apps. As time goes on this list will change but this will give you a great start. If you have any suggestions on what you think the best free Android apps are, leave a comment and I will add it to the list.

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