Best way to share blog posts on facebook

Best way to share blog posts on facebook

 Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites. It has a million daily users. This is the best way to share blog posts on Facebook. where you can put your article to promote the business or market the product. If the things you provide on Facebook are good enough definitely more people visit. and thus increase the traffic for the site.

Facebook is a place where most users come to watch videos, advertise and social news. they always want to read these kinds of posts. if you a facebook account then you can post or share your articles on facebook site.

How to use Facebook for increasing blog Traffic
How to use Facebook for increasing blog Traffic

This is a great platform for increasing traffic to your website and you can also use it to promote your content according to users' needs. Facebook will give you a large number of viewers on your blog website or WordPress site. Most SEO-friendly templates can also be found by using the Facebook fan page for bloggers or websites. This is an easy way to have a Facebook fan page so that you can get traffic on the website.

There are many ways to increase traffic to blog. Facebook can also be used to increase blog traffic. The following are some of the methods to increase traffic through Facebook.

Best way to share blog posts on Facebook 

Blogging is all about to share your article or videos for users who need it. you can share your knowledge and experience through blog posts. Users visit your blog or website to read helpful articles. You can also share your post on WhatsApp, which is the most popular social message site.

The best way to share a blog post on Facebook is to find the ideas and tips below that will help your website get traffic from these tips and tricks.

Social Media Profile

Tools like Twitter feed automatically publish a link to the blog post on Twitter and Facebook profiles. Configure the social media profile in such a way that it automatically publishes a blog post on other social media that allow it.


One can add social media icons to the sidebars of the blog. This invites people to join on Facebook. If the blog content is fed to any of them this will help people access the blog even when they are not actually visiting that blog site.

Publish Content

Find some blogs that are similar to the topic of your blog and then publish the content there. In this way, people who visit will read that content also. It is important not to forget to include the URL in the right field so that the visitors may click it to read more of the content.

Blog Contest and Link Sharing

Hold some kind of contest to have more traffic for the blog. Promote this to increase the entries. Include the share button so that to make it easy and possible for people to share the blog post to their Facebook profile.

Complete Profile and Create Groups

One has to make sure that the profile contains the required information that supports the expertise. One can create own group and invite people and friends to join it. Or find groups that have content similar to your blog and join them.

To share your post, join as many Facebook groups as possible. This is the way you can join a group and include your post in that group. Do not forget to share links.

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Facebook Page

Create a page of your own or become a fan of other pages. The blog could be considered as a Brand. Keep updating and adding interesting information so as to keep the conversation going.

Correspondence and Acknowledgment

Spend time on updating and adding information to profile but also spend time on commenting people's conversation, share people’s content and respond to people’s direct messages. This helps to establish relationships which in turn increase traffic to the site.


Place an ad this will gather the attention of people and increase the awareness of content among the visitors. Post ads certainly promote your articles and this can be a great way to post ads on the Facebook fan page.

Widgets and Social Tools

The social media provide free tools that help promote one’s profile. This helps to give more exposure to the content. Facebook offers different widgets that one can add to the blog.

Syndicate the Blog

Syndicate the content using licensed companies for free. This will boost the exposure of the blog.

Everybody wants his or her blog to be read and appreciated by more and more people above the Best way to share blog posts on Facebook. some of the ways to increase the traffic for the blog using Facebook. I might be more excited if you write comments just below the comment session.

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