Android Secret Code List

Android Secret Code List

Android Secret Code List - Whenever we makes out a plan to have a used device for us we only check for basic thing like the screen does not have any scratches,the battery does not drains fast,speakers are fully functional or not..etc.

But what we leave behind are the technical faults which cannot be checked in short time..but for that too it provides you with a solution which can be best options to check out more deeply of android phone. these android secret codes after hard efforts which will be very useful for all of you.

Android Secret Code List
Android Secret Code List

How to use these secret code with your android phone ?

It's very simple way that you can easily check out these android secret code which is listed in below. most important to use all the codes with your smartphone that will let you to know what is the exact means of these android secret code. here's the list.. so try it with your smartphone . these android secret code may have not work with some of the smartphone.

(1)    *#*#0*#*#*

This code will let you know about the screen of that android device.After pressing this code , the device will display you all the features about the display and spectrum of your screen.

(2)    *#2664#

This code is used to check your screen for any break point.When you use this code the screen will turn black and when you touch it a red line will appear Pull this red line and check if this line does not get a breaking sense anywhere.If it does than there is a problem.

(3)    *#2663#

This code will tell you the touch screen firmware version and a option to update it.

(4)    *#0673#

This code is used to check the speaker functionality.It will give you a option telling ON of speaker,headset.etc

(5)    *#0842#

This code will tell you the vibration specification of your phone.

(6)    *#*#4636#*#*

This code will tell you the statistics of your phone about the battery,usage,life and also about the Wi-Fi feature of your phone.

(7)    *#232337#

This code is used to test Bluetooth.

(8)    *#44336#

This code will tell you the firmware built-in information,life time of that device,cell phone time made and change list.

Conclusion - try using these Android secret code with your smartphone will be the best trick for finding something new in your android device , but you can also write your comments in just below the comment box.

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