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Android tips and tricks

Android tips and tricks

Android apps are very important for us and android users are not going to ignore for a single moment. today you will come to know about android apps which is mentioned in this article.

What is Android?

Android is an operating system that provides faster speed for the latest generation of mobile devices like smart phones. The tendency of installing Android is increasing. Millions of mobile are powered by this operating system and it is growing more and more. The incident is indicating about the popularity of Android. Android provides you an excellent platform where you can create your apps and games for the android user anywhere. There is open marketplace for the user where you can upload and download any apps and games instantly. Android user can download 1.5 billions of apps and games from Google play each month. Can it be imagine? That is android.

Android tips and tricks
Android tips and tricks
The operating system is become a fastest growing mobile OS with its open source Linux community and about more than three hundred of hardware, software and carrier partner. It is quite open to all (obviously android user). This ‘open to all’ feature is got a huge hike compare to the other mobile operating systems. The huge facilities make it simply rock.

android has powerful development Framework:

As the OS spread into the communities with its huge speed, it is trying randomly to bring out some new feature, new capabilities from the community developer. It helps both the provider and partaker. The developers can apply their learning and chance to flourish as a apps developer of latest mobile technologies.

Actually, android provide you the special environment where you can build class apps. It gives you a single application model but you can change and develop new apps by using android developer tools and that can be deploying across the worldwide devices for android. There are many tools to create apps and the important thing is that the apps take the hardware advantages of each device. Thus, the devices look like the devices for android. The mind-blowing thing is that the OS automatically adapt the UI of your device and evaluate the best feature as well as supply you enough control you need.

Android tips and tricks
Android tips and tricks
The feature of android developer tool is also interesting. You will get full JAVA IDE for developing, bugging and packaging your android apps. With this Java IDE you can develop your apps in any devices for android that is available to you and create virtual devices that can be compare to any hardware configuration. There is also open marketplace named Google Play Store as discussed before to publish your newly born apps. It is a premier marketplace for selling your apps. Once you published your apps in this marketplace, you reach the huge installed base of Android. Therefore, this type of huge feature makes the OS so popular.

The best devices for android:

Numerous companies offer their latest model with android operating system. All the companies are trying their best to provide phones that holds the maximum application and the functions that are quite advance. Thus, it raises a tough competition in the android market. There are some renowned companies like Samsung, Nokia, Apple are popular for their devices with android.

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