all lite apps lightweight android

6 Best lightweight android apps

Nowadays, Android apps are growing big in size and stealing away most of your device's storage. The suffering gets worst when you don't have any expandable storage. So Android concocted a lightweight version which consumes less RAM and can work consummately in low-speed web. Some of the best lightweight apps for your smartphone are as given below the list. we often get this problem with our smartphone and in this article you will find the best lightweight android apps which can help your smartphone to save storage of mobile phone.many of us don't know the fact how much storage can be used by these in build android apps, so let's find out the best light apps.

all lite apps lightweight android
all lite apps lightweight android

Here are 6 best lightweight android apps list,

Google Go app

In the event that you want to all the products of Google yet in a smaller version at that point Google Go is the right app. It performs all the activities just like the regular version. For example, you can share GIFs, peruse the web, voice look, and so forth. So take a rearward sitting arrangement and appreciate the smaller than normal version of Google through Google Go. you can also download this Google Go app from google play store which is the best way to use in your smartphone. click here to download 

YouTube Go

How it is possible to forget YouTube? It is outstanding that most of the people spend their free time watching videos on YouTube. It is the best wellspring of excitement and yet, it removes data inside a squint. So YouTube has thought of its smaller than expected variant. YouTube Go is for the individuals who need to save data and at the same time get engaged. It has disconnected highlights that enable you to save data and download videos. it is also available on google play store, visit google play store site and download you tube light version of android app. to download from google play store click here 

all lite apps lightweight android
all lite apps lightweight android

Messenger Lite

Messenger Lite is the simpler form of the usual messenger app. The features of Messenger Lite are the same as the regular messenger. This app helps in low storage and background data. It utilizes fewer data, stacks quick and works productively. The best thing about this app is, it utilizes under 10 MB to download. download messenger lite app for smartphone from google play store click here 

Twitter lite

Twitter lite is also like Messenger Lite. It is the tiniest and fastest version of the regular Twitter app. It helps you to stay connected with the world with lesser data and less space. It downloads even in 2G systems. So this is another data neighborly app which can be utilized immediately. Download this twitter lite app form google play store click here

Gmail Go

Gmail Go is another best app that every user wants to have it downloaded. It requires less than 10 MB to download. The features and the interface are nearly equivalent to the standard Gmail App produced for Android. It needs space for less than 10 MB. Gmail Go is said to be the best lightweight app that you can need to communicate with your customers whenever. click here to download this Gmail Go app.

Google Assistant Go

It is another lightweight version app that is almost like the usual Google assistant app. It is a virtual assistant that hears and performs the task. For example, when you ask for Google Assistant to dial a number, send jokes, send SMS, explore place, and so on the virtual assistant would do it for you. This app requires less space for establishment and along these lines stays as the best lightweight app in the Android advertise. this useful android app which can always help to save your smartphone's storage to download this google assistant go app from google play store click here

Conclusion - hopefully you will find the best lightweight android apps which can help your smartphone to save storage and it will also work smoother and faster. write your comments just below comment session and let's see which one the best android app for you.

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